September 9, 2010

Filipino Plaza in Vancouver

Did you know that there is actually a Filipino Plaza in Vancouver? I just learned about it today when I saw it from twitter. Marieton Pacheco of ABS-CBN North America News Bureau wrote a story about at

The Filipino Plaza in Vancouver is one of the many multi-cultural parks developed in the area during the 1980s.

Nelson Didulo was part of the Filipino Plaza committee of 1985 when government offered various ethnic groups lot area under the Expo Sky Train line in Vancouver.

This was part of Transways BC's parkway program, a showcase of different cultural parks on the 26-kilometer path that parallels the Skytrain.

Didulo said the community raised funds for the Filipino Plaza and decided to put a “sarimanok” near the park’s name.

Read full story here: 'Filipino Plaza' in Vancouver to get a makeover.