September 4, 2010

Minister Kenney to visit the Philippines

Minister Kenney will have an official visit to Europe and Asia, including Philippines. This visit will focus on greater international cooperation on shared immigration concerns.

In Manila, Philippines, Minister Kenney will also explain what the Government of Canada is doing to protect live-in caregivers, including giving them the most generous pathway to permanent residence in the developed world. He will also highlight that the Philippines has become one of the largest source countries of immigration to Canada. Minister Kenney will also seek government cooperation on the prosecution of crooked consultants and recruiters, many of whom victimize individuals who dream of immigrating to Canada as live-in caregivers. [Source]

If I'll have a chance to ask Minister Kenney a question, it would be this:
What do you think will satisfy Visa Officers that an applicant have strong ties to the Philippines? Is there an objective measure here or just guts of the visa officer?

This is in relation to a common reason why an applicant for work permit is being refused:

You have not satisfied me that you will leave canada by the end of the period authorized for your stay because you have not demonstrated ties to the Philippines.

Imagine receiving this reason for refusal after your 2nd application for work permit? I mean the applicant had been to Canada on a valid work permit, returned to the Philippines after the contract and applying again for another work permit.

The thing is, there is no appeal process for Termporary Resident Visa applications. The recourse is to send another application or file a petition in a Federal Court in Canada. But who will do that?