September 10, 2010

SCAM: Town Inn Suites Hotel - Toronto

One of my blog readers sent me this email about an invitation from Town Inn Suites Hotel in Toronto. I'm not sure if there is actually such a hotel in Ontario, but the information that my blog reader sent me is enough to conclude that it is just a scam.

Recently I received invitation letter from Town Inn Suites Hotel in Toronto Canada for visit in Canada to apply the Position of Receiptionist. In the letter it included Visa Application Form issued by Visa Application Form completed by 2 authorized signature.I should complete the visa application form.It recommended that the visa application form to be sent to And then the Canada Immigration Bureau in Ottawa Canada response my letter and suggest to send Invitation Letter drom Town Inn Suites and Accomodation Receipt. I have sent it to the Canadian Immigration Bureau in Ottawa Canada through e mail.The response from Canadian Immigration Bureau is order letter to contact Canadian Zonal Tourist Department to include the code number to verification.The Canadian Zonal Tourist Department has issued a letter which asking me to send a money as much as US$ 295 to issue authorization letter.In the letter it is stated that after apyment the receipt should be sent to Canada Immigration Bureau in the time no longer than 2 days after payment .And then the Canadian Immigration Bureau issued a letter include visa number and sent to Canada embassy in Indonesia by DHL to issue the visa

I have reached the Canadian Zonal Tourist Department but not yet make a payment
I am very worry about the procedure and the fee.This is my reason to contact you immediately

I posted my blog reader's email here so that others may be informed. The best way to combat these scammers is to expose them. Be informed. Avoid being a victim!