September 2, 2010

Updated Designated country/territory list for immigration medical exams

If an individual is seeking entry to Canada for a period of greater than six months, and has resided, at any time during the one year period immediately preceding the date of seeking entry, for six consecutive months, in a designated country/territory, then he/she is required to undergo an immigration medical examination.

Is Philippines included in the designated country/territory?

Updated Designated country/territory list for immigration medical exams

The following countries used to be included in the designated country/territory but was recently removed. Applicants from these countries will no longer be required to undergo immigration medical examination when applying for a Temporary Resident Visa.

* Ascencion
* Austral Islands
* Azores
* Bahamas
* Balearic Islands
* Bora Bora
* Bulgaria
* Canary Islands
* Chagos Archipelago
* Christmas Island
* Croatia
* Easter Island
* Estonia
* French Guiana
* Gambier Islands
* Huahine
* Iran
* Johnston Atoll
* Kerguelen Islands
* Loyalty Islands
* Macedonia
* Madeira
* Marquesas Islands
* Makatea
* Maupiti
* Mexico
* Midway Island
* Montenegro
* New Caledonia
* Northern Sinai
* Oman
* Raiatea
* Reunion
* Saudi Arabia
* Serbia
* Singapore
* Society Archipelago
* St. Helena
* Syrian Arab Republic
* Tahaa
* Tahiti
* Tristan Da Cunha
* Tuamotu Archipelago
* Wake Island
* West Bank and Gaza Strip

A medical examination for immigrants and refugees is still required.

For the complete list of designated country/territory, click here.