Are Visa Officers Using Rocket Science?

So you've been to Canada on a work permit and return to your country after your contract. You got another job offer and file another TRV application to legally work in Canada. But then your application was refused because the visa officer was not convinced that you will leave Canada after the authorized period to stay in Canada.

I wonder how the visa officer will react to this kind of letter.

I've been to Canada on a work permit before and returned after the authorized period to stay. Now that I have another job offer, I want to work in Canada again.

It's my 2nd attempt now. My previous application was refused on ground that I do not have strong ties in the Philippines and that I may not leave Canada after the authorized period to stay.

I find it it odd that my application will be refused on that basis. I wonder which rocket science was used by the Visa Officer who handled my account to arrive at such a conclusion.

May I request a new Visa Officer to handle the review of my new application?

Please be objective this time.

How do you prove strong ties in the Philippines? Really, how? And how strong is strong?


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