October 6, 2010

New Federal Internship for Newcomers Program

Five years ago, I wrote something on my personal blog about newly landed immigrants in Canada. It's about what's waiting for immigrants in Canada. Briefly, its about the difficulty of newly landed immigrants in finding a job related to their fields.

To get the job relative to your field, most (if not all) employers will look for your Canadian Experience. As a newly landed immigrant, you don't have that of course. And how could you have Canadian Experience if no employers will hire you in the first place? It's like Catch 22 over and over again.

But now, it will no longer be a problem through New Federal Internship for Newcomers Program.

“Newcomers are key to building a stronger Canada,” said Minister Kenney. “The Federal Internship for Newcomers program helps immigrants use their skills in the Canadian labour market as they begin their new lives in Canada.”

This program offers newcomers the opportunity to acquire temporary Canadian work experience in fields relevant to their skills and experience. Newcomers can benefit from work placements within the federal government, which facilitates a smoother integration into the Canadian labour market for program participants.

“Our government is committed to helping newcomers succeed,” said Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. “This program is an example of how we are taking action so that newcomers can maximize their talents and contribute to Canada’s long-term economic success.” [Source]

So go ahead, file your application now and don't make the possibility of working out of line once you landed in Canada as an excuse. New Federal Internship for Newcomers Program should take care of it. Besides, if the reason why you want to live and work in Canada is to give your family a better quality of life, that requires sacrifice and you should be ready for it.