October 13, 2010

Nurse Trainee | Volunteer Nurse

Volunteer Nurse - Nursing Scrub

I was in Dagupan City office yesterday when a young lady wearing a nursing scrub walked in our office to inquire about the application process on how to live and work in Canada. I talked to her and found out that she's a Registered Nurse since November 2008. She's working as a nurse trainee since April 2009. When I asked her if she's receiving a salary as a trainee, she said no. It's like a volunteer nurse, she said. If it's any consolation, she did not pay the hospital to work there as a volunteer. Then I asked her if there's a possibilty that she'll be absorbed by the hospital anytime soon. She said that is possible only if somebody leaves. Unfortunately, there are many others ahead of her waiting for that chance.

Understandably, she was disappointed to know that her work as a volunteer does not have count in Canada's selection criteria. I told her further that in order to qualify for Canada's Federal Skilled Worker program, her experience does not need to be in a hospital. She was surprised to know that.

My advise to her? Leave that hospital and get another job. She is just being expoited there.

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