October 13, 2010

People never plan to fail. They just fail to plan.


Immigrating to Canada is not just a matter of making a decision. It is about making a a timely decision that requires serious commitment. Thus, only serious minded applicants can successfully pull it off.

Are you seriously interested to live and work in Canada to give your family a better quality of life? Do you have the courage and commitment that it takes?

You need to decide now.

A bit of a background is in order here: Chronicle of Changes in the Canadian Immigration Rules and Regulations.

There was a time in the past when applicants will have to wait 5 years before they receive their applications get processed. But before that, it only takes a month or two. Currently, applications are being processed within 6-12 months.

Selection criteria passmark went from 70 points to 75 points and now, 67 points.

In the past, there were no restricted occupations, almost everyboby with college education may be eligible. This changed on November 2008, where only 38 occupations were identified to be in the priority list. In less than 2 years after that, another list was published on June 2010 - the 29 High Demand Occupations. The priority list will be changed again come June 2011 and possibly even earlier.

The thing about the June 26, 2010 Ministerial Instruction is that it introcuded a quota system wherein Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only accept 20,000 applications within a one year period. Within the 20,000 applications is a cap of maximum of 1,000 per occupation. This is why if your occupation is in the priority list, you should file application as soon as possible!

"But my occupation is not in the priority list, I wanted to file but I'm not eligible!", you may shout in protest.

While it may be true that you are not eligible under the current regulations, you can, however, get your documents ready as early as now. Sooner or later, the priority list may changed and when that happens, you better be ready. People never plan to fail. They just fail to plan.

Now, let me ask you this:

If your occupation will be included in the priority list tomorrow, how soon can you file your application? Are your documents ready? Do you have the right job description? Are you prepared now to take the IELTS Exam?

Immigrant visa application is not a simple process. Remember that small mistakes cause problem. I have seen many a times an application that was returned because of incomplete information and or documents.

The rules of the game have now changed. Now more than ever, you should be able to file your application quickly once you become eligible. Otherwise, the quota may be filled up already while you are still working on your documents. Don't let that happen.

If you are serious about immigrating to Canada to give your family a better quality of life, get your documents ready now.

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