November 9, 2010

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will now only accept applications for NOC 1122 if with Arranged Employment

Here's an updated on NOC 1122 as November 5, 2010.

NOC 1122 cap reached

Noticed the '(Cap Reached)**'? That wasn't there few days ago. Check my NOC 1122 update as of Nov 1, 2010 for the screen shot.

Here's what the double asterisk means:

**Once the cap has been reached, we can only accept applications for this occupation from people with an existing offer of arranged employment. [Source]

With that, it's now official. Applicants for NOC 1122 will no longer be accepted unless you have an Arranged Employment.

If your occupation is classified under NOC 1122 and you still want to pursue your dream to live and work in Canada, start looking for NOC 1122 job vacancies in Canada and send your resume. Make sure you prepare a Canada resume format.

Here's a list of Canada Jobs Portal where you may find job vacancies for NOC 1122.