November 17, 2010

Do you need an immigration representative?

The short answer is NO. You do not need to hire an immigration representative for your immigrant visa application. That is of course based on the premise that you actually know what to do. But remember, small mistakes may cause BIG problems.

Take this for example.

I have just read and replied this email today from one of my blog readers.
I had applied Canada PR application for federal class worker with NOC code 1122. The application was applied on 25 oct but returned today since we had not submitted the family information for the spouse. We did not know if we had to submit that form for spouse as well. What should i do know. I had invested so much of time and effort? should i type an explanation and letter and see if they can accept it even though the quota is over. Please advise. this is very urgent and can be depressing.

The recourse should have been to complete the forms and send a new application. Unfortunately for this applicant, NOC 1122 have already reached the 1,000 cap. To be eligible, the applicant now needs an arranged employment.

This is where the advantage of having an immigration representative like Canadian Immigration Consultancy (CIC) comes in.

With CIC, there are series of checking done before your application is sent to Centralized Intake Office or to Canadian Visa Office. This minimizes, if not totally omit, mistakes such as incomplete forms and wrong information. You will be guided. It may take longer before your application is filed but you can rest assured that your application is complete. CIC does not guarantee approval of your application. But we sure can help you increase chances of your approval.

So there. Do you need an immigration representative?

Image Credit: www. semsamurai .com