November 7, 2010

TEF: Test d’évaluation de français | TEF in the Philippines

TEF in the Philippines

Language proficiency is once of 6 selection criteria in Canada's points system for Federal Skilled Worker progam. It is composed of parts - English and French.

For English language, you need to take IELTS Exam. To get the maximum of 16 points for English language, you need to get a minimum scors of 7.5 for listening and 6.5 for reading, writing and speaking.

For French language, you can get a maximum of 8 points. To get that, you need to take the Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) or French language evaluattion test.

For information on how take the TEF in the Philippines:

Alliance Française de Cebu
Q.C. Pavilion
Gorordo Ave.
Cebu City
Tel + 63 32 232 1311
Fax + 63 32 232 1311

Alliance Française de Manille
209, Nicanor Garcia Street (formerly Reposo St.)
Bel Air II, Makati City
1209 Makati City Metro Manilla
Tel 632 895 77 57
Fax 632 899 36 54

You must submit results from the following TEF tests as proof of your French language proficiency:

- compréhension écrite
- compréhension orale
- expression écrite
- expression orale

If you get at least Level 3 scores each, you will get additional 2 points.

If you are single with only one year experience, you will not meet the 67 points pass mark if you don't have a Master's Degree, relatives in Canada, have only one year experience, and a good IELTS Exam score. Thus, taking TEF: Test d’évaluation de français is an option that applicants may consider.