December 21, 2010

Kutuma Hotel Canada 2011 Job Offer | Hotel Kutuma Job Scam

Funny I received this email from Hotel Kutuma. The email message was so confusing that I'm not sure if I'm being recruited or if they want me to recruit workers for them.

Kutuma Hotel

Here's a screen shot from the website ( that they have provided. And below is part of the email message:

As per above request we need manpower to work in kutuma hotel in Canada. The total requirements will be 470 workers. just the year our ship line and kutuma hotel need outside workers not inside the Canada

Workers that have the ability to work hard only need to apply and must come from non-criminal origin and must agreed to abide by the kutuma hotels rules and regulations.

Details needed: Bio-data's of these workers in advance for us to do the shortlist before conduction of interview .Also important they must speak some English during interview. They will be tested on the spot and interviewed by the kutuma ship line and kutuma hotel management.

Salary: is very attractive depending on experience to be found in our salary and benefit which will be forwarded to you for your perusal.

Overtime: 2 hrs/day

Public Holiday / Sunday: Double Pay The important thing here is speed. The kutuma ship line and kutuma hotel management wants the whole thing settled in 45days time.

If you can meet our requirement please reply for further procedures. The management will take care of your feeding, accommodation including your air ticket. We will provide all the relevant backup documents to enable the applicant get his or her visa at Canada-Embassy in the applicant’s Country. Visas will be issued upon approval from Canada Global Immigration. If you are interested to work with us in Canada, urgent respond to through this


Best Regards,

Miss Maureen Hooks
Vacancy manager.

So you think it's legitimate? I don't think so.

First, there's no such thing as Canada Global Immigration office that approves visa. The content of the email is pretty much similar to previous job scams that we have already exposed.

And by the way, there's a real Kutuma Hotel in Quebec and you may contact them at More information about the real Kutuma Hotel at