January 13, 2011

Christmas and new year celebration is over, what's next?

Christmas and new year celebration is over. If you will compute how much you have spent for the past holidays, you may be surprised and realized that you actually have the money to spend for things you think is important to you. But prior to this, you always think you have financial problems. Isn't that amazing?

Now, everything is back to normal. You then remember your plan to live and work in Canada to give your family a better quality of life. A life where you can celebrate Christmas everyday. But you can't decide because you may think that you have financial problem. Do you really think you have financial problem? Are you really serious about giving your family a better quality of life in Canada? Sometimes, it is just a matter of priority.

If you are still interested to live and work in Canada, there are two important things that you really need to consider:

1. As of January 10, 2010, only 6,188 applictions were received by Centralized Intake Office. This means there are about 14,000 slots still available.

2. If your occupation is in the current priority list, you only have about 6 months to file your application.

You really have to start NOW! This opportunity will not wait for you, you have to do something.

Let's set an appointment to start the process. Our flexible payment scheme is still available.

I want to apply but my occupation is not in the list, what options do I have?

The new list of priority occupations may be made available this coming July 2011. And when it's released, expect that there would also be a cap on the number of applications to be received per occupation. Some applicants would be preparing their documents and application forms as early as now. This is to make sure that they would be able to file their application any moment thier occupation opens up. Some others would of course prefer to do it only when the list is made available. The first are the serious applicants while the second are those who not really sure of what they want.

If you belong to the first group, if you are serious about living and working in Canada, then we have a program for you. For only P15,000, you can avail of our START UP Program to get your application ready. Send your resume now for assessment, we can discuss this online and it's free. But if you prefer, visit our office for orientation/seminar.