February 6, 2011

The Struggles of One OFW - A True Story

Reuben, an Overseas Filipino Contract Worker (OFW) for seven years testifies that though there have been some changes in their lifestyle when he worked abroad, still, the continuous down slide of the Philippine economy limits his opportunities to live the life he wants for his family.

Everyday is a struggle. With the oil price hike, consumer products became more expensive. The cost of living becomes more intolerable. Reuben may be earning good money as an OFW but he needs to think of a more permanent plan, a more permanent solution. He is not prepared to handle a sudden financial setback e.g. sickness,accident or death, which can totally wipe out all his hard-earned investments.

With the aid of Canadian Immigration Consultancy, Reuben filed his application for permanent resident visa in Canada before signing his next working contract in the Middle East. while his papers were on queue for processing, he continued working abroad to sustain the needs o his family. Likewise, he also saved money, which he thinks would be useful fir his immigrati0n plan.

Reuben returned home to prepare for his interview before the Canadian Consul. Now , he no longer needs to work abroad, away from his loved ones. He need not worry about his kid's tuition fees nor possible medical expenses in event of sickness, accident or even death of loved ones. He is now earning thrice the amount he receives as an Engineer in the Middle East. Being financially secured, He'll be enjoying a truly rewarding retirement years. He'll be living a new life in Canada Together with his family.

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