March 17, 2011

The Best Graduation Gift For Your Kids | Attend our Immigrant Visa Party and Seminar

The month of March is usually associated with school graduation ceremomies. I guess congrtulations to graduating students and their parents is in order.

The Best Graudation Gift For Your Kids
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Now, are you thinking of the best graduation gift for your children? How about an opportunity for them to live and work in Canada and enjoy the benefits of having a permanent residence in Canada? Find out how!

Attend our Immigrant Visa Party and Seminar!

March 26, 2011, Saturday, 4pm
Aristocrat Restaurant - Malate Manila
Along Roxas Blvd.
Registration Fee P500/head
Reserve a seat now

If you are from Angeles City, Pampanga, you don't need to travel to Manila. There's a schedule a seminar schedule there this coming Saturday.

Angeles City Seminar Schedule
March 19, 2011, Saturday 2pm
3rd Floor GM Building, Sta. Teresita, Angeles City
Registration Fee: P500 /head
Reserve a seat now!

Attending this visa party and seminar will give you an idea about the process and learn which program may be applicable for you. It will also aid you in choosing an immigration consultant to help you with your application, to help you realize your dream of living and working in Canada.

Last year, I have a client who used to work as a Bank Examiner at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, who was granted with visa together with his family. When he attended the visa party for pre-departure orientation, it was incidentally also his daughter's college graduation day. Some five months after landing in Canada, the said client sent me an email to update me about their situation. Here's a portion of the letter where he talked about his daughter.

My daughter also found a job as cashier in a big company (Canadian Tire). You can take a peek at the website. She gave up the job because she will have a hard time scheduling work and studies the moment she attends classes. She now works in a law firm. Mind you, her salary is more than what I was receiving from my former job in the Philippines. [Read the rest of the letter: One of the reasons why I love my job]

His daughter is a nursing graduate. There is quite a number of registered nurses here in the Philippines who don't have a job. Some are even paying a training fee just to get training and or work as volunteer nurse - WITHOUT SALARY. Then some will end up working out of line, mostly working in a call center. There's another batch who will be graduating this month. And the cycle will just go on and on.

Now, the question is this: Do you want your kids to be subjected to this cycle?

It always boils down to a choice. Your choice, your decision.

You want the best graudation gift for your kids? Find out how. Attend our Immigrant Visa Party and Seminar!