March 31, 2011

Guaranteed Canadian Visa Application Approval | Find out how!

There are so many things going on in Canada right now that will directly affect Canada's Immigration Program.

First, there's the May 2011 Canadian Election. If the Liberals win, chances are they will amend the current regulations.

Then a new body, ICRCC, is expected to oversee immigration consultants. Hoping this new body will not be as controversial like the CSIC.

On or before July 1, 2011, assuming the conservatives managed to win the election, a new Ministerial Instruction will be issued. We will then know the new list of priority occupations.

Now, if you will not pay attention to these changes, your dream to live and work in Canada may just be that - a dream. Citizenship and Immigration Canada said there is no such thing as guaranteed visa approval. But that is of course not true. How do you think is it possible that there are many immigrants in Canada who can't communicate in English if IELTS is really mandatory?

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[Apol Apuntar, 04/01/11]