March 30, 2011

PM Stephen Harper duets with Maria Aragon | May 2011 Canadian Election

Following the dissolution of The Parliament after a vote of no confidence against the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a decision was reached to have election on May 2, 2011.

It is now campaign period.

PM Stephen Harper recently went to Winnipeg to sway the big Filipino community there. He ended up singing with a Filipina-Canadian youtube sensattion Maria Aragon.

10-year-old YouTube sensation Maria Aragon joins Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a rendition of "Imagine" during a tour stop on March 29 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Apparently, politicians in Canada are just like local politicians here in the Philippines who will sing, dance and what have you, just to win votes.

Let's see what the leader of Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff, will do to win votes from Filipino community. Will he dance ocho-ocho or itaktak mo? Let's see. :-)

By the way, the outcome of this election will determine the future of Canadian Immigration Program. Under the current regulations, it is in the power of the Immigration Minister to decide who can immigrate to Canada. The Liberals don't want that. In the past, a law is needed to before a change in the regulations may be implemented.