May 4, 2011

MPNP Strategic Iniative

If your occupation is not included in the list of priority occupations, you are unlikely eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker program, unless you have an Arranged Employment. Finding an employer in Canada who is willing to sponsor you is not that easy.

One of the alternatives if you want to live and work in Canada is Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. There are many application streams available depending on your circumstances. If you have immediate relatives or two friends willing to sponsor you, you may be eligible!

What? You don't know anybody in Manitoba? No problem. There's MPNP Strategic Initiative available for you!

You could be eligible to apply under MPNP Strategic Initiative if you have been interviewed by a MPNP officer and received an invitation to apply as part of a targeted promotion and recruitment initiative or have been given an invitation to apply after participating in a pre-approved Exploratory Visit to Manitoba and had an interview with a MPNP officer.

You need to meet the following criteria for exploratory visits to Manitoba

1. You are between the ages of 21 to 49.

2. You have completed a minimum one-year post-secondary education or training program for which you received a diploma or certificate.

3. You have worked at least two years in the past five years in a full-time occupation and can demonstrate that you could be employable in Manitoba in that occupation within the first year of permanent residence in Canada.

4. You can demonstrate a minimum of six points in English or French based on the Manitoba PNP language grid and/or a minimum score of five on an IELTS.

5. The MPNP is satisfied that you do not have stronger ties to other provinces in Canada and have good potential to settle permanently in Manitoba.

6. You must contact the MPNP at least two months in advance to discuss the possibility of an exploratory visit.

7. The MPNP agrees before you arrive in Manitoba to have an interview with you during your exploratory visit.

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