August 4, 2011

How to Check Status of FSW Applications Sent to CIO

Ever wonder what is the status of your Federal Skilled Worker program PR Visa application you've sent to Centralized Intake Office CIO)? Considering the limited number of applications to be accepted under Ministerial Instruction 3 (MI-3), you would of course want to know if your application is already included in the MI-3 Total Number of Applications Received weekly update.

There used to be a CIO Online Inquiry form to check your application status but it's no longer available. I have just checked it few minutes ago.

To verify the status of your application, you may contact Client Service Unit (CSU) of the Central Intake Office through their email address: FSW‑Sydney‑Search‑

Please note, however, that you will not receive a reply to your email if:

- you have not already applied as a federal skilled worker
- you are not authorized to receive personal information
- you applied within the last six weeks
- your enquiry concerns any other topic.

It's only the 4th of August so please don't send an email inquiry now to check your application status if you have just sent your application July 1, 2011. And more importantly, very first using your courier tracking number if it was indeed delivered to and received by CIO.