September 26, 2011

MI-3 Notice of Assessment from CIO

We have just received today the first batch of Assessment Notice from Centralized Intake Office (CIO) for Federal Skilled Worker program applicants filed under Ministerial Instructions (MI-3).

Notice of Assessments are being sent by CIO via email. We have so far received 8 assessment notice for MI-3 application filed on July 1 and 2, less than 3 months from the time their applications were sent to CIO.

The following are the breakdown of 8 applications with assessment notice based on job classification:

2 - Nurses
1 - Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades
1 - Industrial Electricians
1 - Architects
1 - Specialist Physicians
1 - Medical Radiation Technologists
1 - Pharmacists

Check your spam folder to make sure you're not missing CIO's email. It would be best if you will create an email filter to make sure CIO's email won't go to spam folder.