November 24, 2011

Cap Reached for Pharmacists | CIO MI-3 Update as of November 23, 2011

As of November 23, 2011, the cap for Pharmacists has been reached already. This means Centralized Intake Office (CIO) will only accept applications under this job classification for those with Arranged Employment.

But of course, the cap could have been reached much earlier than November 23. The online tally is not a real-time report.

For Registered Nurses for example, Citizenship and Immigration Canada reported that the cap for nurses was reached on September 20, 2011 with a little disclaimer that 'he number of complete Federal Skilled Worker applications received is approximate". It appears however that in reality cap has been reached as early as July 15, 2011. Read November 2011 Visa Bulletin for more details.

If you are a Pharmacist who want to live and work in Canada, get your documents ready as early as now. Be ready to file in an instant once your occupation is open again.