February 10, 2012

A Gentle Reminder from Canadian Immigration Consultancy

This is for Canadian Immigration Consultancy clients. A gentle reminder to get their applications ready for July 2012.

We have sent you a letter few days ago to let you know of changes this coming July 2012. You must get your application ready as early as now if you want to position yourself for a successful immigrant visa application. Your occupation may be included in the new priority list but your window of opportunity may close in instant.

Get in touch with your assigned Agent.

If you did not received the previous email, please get in touch with your Assigned Agent to update your contact information. Please also check your email spam folder, it may just be there.

Group orientation

We have sent you the new list of documents you need to provide to get your application ready. If you have documents related questions and or concerns please contact your Assigned Agent. Or if you want, attend one of our orientation schedules. Click Here to reserve a seat.