February 1, 2012

Immigrating to Canada? | Good News Might Be On The Way, Are You Ready?

Anybody who wants to have a bright future has to make plans. They plan how they are going to get ahead in life. They take charge of their life. They use the resources available to them to their advantage to get ahead in life.

In immigrating to an advanced country like Canada, skilled, educated and experienced individuals and families get ahead in life faster. But to make it happen they have to plan ahead.

Good News Might Be On The Way, Are You Ready?

This coming July 2012, there might be good news for those planning to live and work in Canada. But are you ready?

Harper's Grand Plan to reshape Canada
In Prime Minister Stephen Harper's speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland recently, he unveiled his grand plan to reshape Canada. He said he will overhaul the immigration system. With a majority government now under his leadership, he wouldn't have problem implementing his plan.

Mr. Harper said he intends to tackle immigration reform, a thorny issue in a country where one in five is an immigrant. Canada’s humanitarian obligations and its family reunification objectives will be “respected,” he said, but the needs of the labour force and the economy will now be central.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has been working on significant reforms to the immigration system for several months. Mr. Kenney has said he wants to speed immigrant integration in the labour market by changing the emphasis of selection criteria. He intends to reward applicants who speak English or French, have job offers, Canadian work experience or postgraduate degrees, all of whom tend to fare better economically. The increased emphasis on economic immigrants could lead to reductions in the family class. [Source: The Globe and Mail]

Canada needs immigrants to keep their economy growing. Canada needs immigrants to offset their aging population and to replace workers retiring. This is good news for those planning to immigrate to Canada.

Changes in Canada's Immigration Program
On or before July 1, 2012, a new Ministerial Instruction will be issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada Minister. This Ministerial Instruction will contain the new regulations, policy and priorities under Canada's immigration program.

For the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) program, a new list of priority occupations will be identified. The sentiment is, more openings will be coming soon for independent immigrants. There is also a great chance that the proposed changes to FSW points system will be implemented this coming July.

What is to be done?
If you are interested in immigrating to Canada or any advanced country, you must have all of your documents in order At All Times. More occupations will open in the future but they will also close quickly. You will be competing against millions of applicants around the world for immigrant visas to Canada. You must be in a position to file your application a minute after the door is opened. Always remember that Canada can turn the faucet on or turn the faucet off when it comes to immigration.

Now, do you really want to give your family a better quality of life by immigrating to Canada? Let us help you get ready.

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Remember, people never plan to fail. They just fail to plan.