February 16, 2012

It pays to plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

This message is for clients of Canadian Immigration Consultancy (PIA Corp Team).

A couple of weeks ago, we sent you an email advising you to get your documents ready for the Ministerial Instruction 5 (MI-5) this coming July 2012. This could be your chance to file your application and realize your dream to live and work in Canada.

That is if you will plan ahead.

We are writing you again to reiterate the importance of making a plan. Anybody who wants to have a bright future has to make plans. We also wish to remind you that there is a limit on the number of applications to be accepted and if you will not act now.

There is of course no guarantee that your occupation will be included in the new priority occupations. But one thing is certain, if will not act now there is a great chance that you will miss your chance.

Again, this is what you should do if you want to get your application ready.

1. Fill up the online application forms using CIC Client Portal (http://clients.go2canada.com). If you don’t have your online access or you forgot your password, please get in touch with your assigned Agent.

2. Submit required documents for checking.

3. Send your job description for review. You need to document your work experience within the last 10 years and your employment certificate must include a detailed job description. We need to review and enhance your job description before you have it signed by your employers.

4. Schedule your IELTS Examination. Take the General Training Module. It is highly recommended for you to undergo formal IELTS review before taking the exam.

5. Get your settlement funds ready.

6. Your target should be to get your application forms and documents ready for filing before the end of June 2012. Sooner, the better.

Do you need help in understanding the list of documents you need to submit? Click here to reserve seat for a group orientation.