February 20, 2012

Language Proficiency Is The Key

Your success, is our success.

This is why we are reminding you again of the importance of getting your application ready for July 2012.

By now, you should have at least logged on to http://clients.go2canada.com to fill up the application forms and or update your information. Please contact your Assigned Agents as soon as possible to submit your documents for checking. Get in touch with your job description reviewers and get your employment related documents ready.

If you have not taken an IELTS Examination yet, you should schedule it as soon as possible, but make necessary preparations before the exam. If you already have the IELTS exam results but you have scores lower than 6.5, you may want to consider taking the exam again.

The proposed changes to Canada's Federak Skilled Workers (FSW) program's points system will be implemented through the Ministerial Instruction 5 (MI-5). The new points system is still based on the six selection criteria but gives more value to language proficiency and less on work experience. The will be a required minimum level of language profiency depending on the applicant's occupation skills. This means a lower language requirement for a Welder than a Nurse. The maximum points to be awarded for proficiency in the first official language may be increased from 16 to 20.

There will also be a possible chang in the Age criteria, placing greater emphasis on youunger workers.

These changes may or may not be favorable depending on your circumstances. Then again, this is just a proposal and may not necessarily be final. But one thing is certain, change brings opportunity if you will plan ahead.