July 23, 2012

Community Identified stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

How bad do you really want to live and work in Canada with your family?  If you are really serious about this plan, let Canadian Immigration Consultancy help you.  There's a temporary pause in accepting new applications for Federal Skilled Workers Program but there are other immigration programs available for you.

You don't want the Quebec Skilled Worker Program because of the French Language?  Try the Community Identified stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)!

You don't necessarily need a job offer for this program.  All you need is a Letter of Identification from any of the following Mandated Organizations for the Community Identified stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP):

  • Annapolis-Digby Economic Development Agency - www.annapolisdigby.com
  • Antigonish Regional Development Authority - www.antigonishrda.ns.ca
  • Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority - www.cbceda.org
  • Colchester Regional Development Agency - www.corda.ca
  • Cumberland Regional Economic Development Authority - www.creda.net
  • Greater Halifax Partnership - www.greaterhalifax.com
  • Guysborough County Regional Development Authority - www.gcrda.ns.ca
  • Hants Regional Development Authority - www.hantscounty.com
  • Kings Regional Development Agency - www.kingsrda.ca
  • Lunenburg Queens Regional Development - www.lqrda.ca
  • Pictou Regional Development Agency - www.pictourda.ca
  • Strait-Highlands Regional Development Agency - www.strait-highlands.ns.ca
  • Victoria County Municipality - www.victoriacounty.com
The good thing about this program is that the Age Criteria is between 21-55 years old.  IELTS is required too for this program.  This option, however, could be costly as this normally requires an exploratory visits to Nova Scotia.

If you are a client of Canadian Immigration Consultancy, please contact your Agent and inquire about this program.  We will be glad to assist with this option at no extra cost.

For those interested to live and work in Nova Scotia, you may sign up a consultancy agreement with only P28,000 initial deposit.  If interested, please send your updated resume to aapuntar@go2canada.com.