July 22, 2012

Filipino Nurses Association of Quebec

The Province of Quebec is wide open for Registered Nurses who wish to live and work in Canada.  If you are a Registered Nurse and do not want to wait until January 2013 to start your application, Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an alternative.

The common problem that Filipino Nurses think if they opted for Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the French Language barrier.  In fact, there are some of those who think that a French Language Test is mandatory and without which, they can't be eligible.  This is of course not true.  French Language factor is just one of so many factors being considered in assessing your qualification.  However, you must consider that Quebec is predominantly French-speaking Canadian Province and if you don't even have the intention to learn the language, do not apply for this program in the first place.

Filipino Nurses Association of Quebec

Now, do you think you will not survive in Quebec as a Filipino Nurse?  Guess what, there's a Filipino Nurses Association of Quebec!  Some Filipino Nurses actually made it. Why can't you?

But of course, you would also need to pass the regulatory exam to practice your profession in Quebec.  And this is no different when you decide to settle in other Canadian Province.


Send your resume to quebec@proimmigrationadvisers.com and a Qualified Quebec Immigration Consultant will assess your qualifications for free!  This will be your first step in becoming a member of Filipino Nurses Association of Quebec.

You may also visit CIC SM North Office for a free orientation every Thursday and CIC Mall of Asia (MOA) Office every Tuesday.  Look for Mr. Apol E. Apuntar.