August 23, 2012

Twitter Message from Jason Kenney | 2013 FSW Porgram

Few days ago, Canada's Immigration Minister replied to a twitter question about the list of occupations for the new Federal Skilled Worker program.  Here's a screen shot of his answer: 

NOCs O, A and B
It looks like there will be no "priority list" to be expected.  According to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the new Skilled Worker Program will be limited to applicants in NOCs 0, A & B, but won't be limited to particular occupations.  

This is an interesting development.  It's like back to pre-February 27, 2008, only that there will definitely be a limit on the number of applications to be accepted.   If the limit will only be say, 10,000 applications across all NOC's, it will most likely be filled within a week or two.  The more reason you should start preparing your documents now!