December 11, 2012

Certificate of Qualification - Federal Skilled Trade Class

Interested to live and work in Canada via Federal Skilled Trade Class?  The first requirement is you must have an offer of employment in Canada or a certificate of qualification from a province or territory to ensure that applicants are “job ready” upon arrival.

Arguably, it is easier to get a Certificate of Qualification than to get an offer of employment.  And with a Certificate of Qualification, it would be easier to get an employment offer.  Thus, this Federal Skilled Trade Class program is highly dependent on getting your skills and experience recognized in Canada. 

Now, the question is this: How to get a Certificate of Qualification?

First, you need to decide which province you want to settle in.  Once decided, then check your options on how to get your skills and experience certified. 

To make it easy for you, just click the link below for each province's apprenticeship programs and details how to get Certificate of Qualifications:

Alberta -  Apprenticeship and Industry Training
British Columbia - Industry Training Authority
Manitoba -Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade
New Brunswick - Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor
Newfoundland and Labrador -  Apprenticeship & Trades Certification Division
Northwest Territories - Education, Culture and Employment
Nova Scotia - Apprenticeship Training Division
Nunavut - Training and Apprenticeship Opportunities
Ontario - Employment Ontario
Prince Edward Island -  Apprenticeship, Training, and Certification
Qu├ębec - Skills and Vocational Qualification
Saskatchewan - Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
Yukon  - Department of Education

By visting the website of instiutions with jurisdiction to your trade, you will have an idea how to process it.  But if you want to be guided, Canadian Immigration Consultancy can help you!