December 22, 2012

JROOZ: Making a Difference in IELTS Prep Course

The new Federal Skilled Worker Program will start accepting applications on May 4, 2013 with a new points system.  The new program will give more value to younger applicants and English language proficiency.  Thus, you must really prepare before writing the IELTS Examination to save time and money.

The test preparation industry is vast and the choices are many, some of which even offer immigration consultancy services sans the expertise and track record.  It is not mandatory to enroll for a formal IELTS review course, but it is highly recommended that you do. And be sure to enroll with a reliable review center like JROOZ Review Center.

The JROOZ Difference
JROOZ: Making a Difference in IELTS Prep Course

Three things make this review center a cut from the rest: the easy-to-digest laderized program, its intensive coaching sessions, and its endorsement procedure.

The 5-day program JROOZ offers is enough to instill the basics of acing the IELTS examination. Apart from in-depth discussion of each subtest, the program also walks students concepts and skills needed for the examination: grammar review, word usage, formal communication style, interview techniques, and pronunciation skills.

After the 5-day program, the candidates for the IELTS are further prepared through intensive coaching sessions, application of techniques and concepts learned in the first 5 days, real time feedback, and dissecting practice examinations to better understand the way the test is crafted.
Real time feedback and constant consultation with coaches and lecturers give students an idea of their readiness to take the examination. If the student is ready, then he or she is endorsed. Endorsement assures the student that he or she has a 98% chance of passing the IELTS.
That's what JROOZ Review Center claims, which we happened to witness through our clients' feedback.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy - Gateway to Canada have been referring clients to JROOZ Review Center for almost a year now.  Feedback from our clients were very positive and thus, we're formally endorsing JROOZ Review Center.

Here's one of the comments about JROOZ from one of our clients:
“JROOZ  really helped me to become what I am capable of. They didn’t just teach me how to pass the IELTS exam, but they also inspired me to be what I know I could be. They made sure I’ve got all the help I needed.” 
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