February 21, 2013

Changes Again | Get Ready!

Back in August 2012, it was announced that the new Federal Skilled Worker Program won't be limited to particular occupations, that it will be open to applicants in NOCs 0, A and B. 

But with the recent twitter message of the Immigration Minister, it is clear now that there will be a priority list again.

Prior this message, the Immigration Minister also said that the list of designated educational assessment agencies will be released mid of February. And now, according to the Immigration Minister, the list of priority occupations and list of designated education assessment agencies will be released at the same time in April 2013.  This is to avoid having those not in the list from going through educational assessment. Makes sense.

The question now is - What is to be done if you are interested in immigrating to Canada?

If you are seriously considering your plan to live and work in Canada to give your family a better quality of life, YOU NEED TO BE READY!

Once the program opens in May 4, 2013, there will be a numerical cap in the number of applications to be accepted.  You have two options here:

1. Get your documents ready now, or
2. Wait until the list of occupations is released

If you will wait until April, consider the following:

1. It takes two weeks before you receive the result of your IELTS examination. Scheduling your IELTS exam is another. 

2. How long can you have your employment certificates with job description signed?

3. There are many other documents you need to prepare and check for discrepancies such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

If you wait for the list before you start preparing, you will most likely not be able to make it.  Most probably, the cap will already be reached by the time you completed your documents.

See, you really need to get ready.  It wasn't raining when Noah build the ark.