February 9, 2013

Dr. Daran from Tuguegarao City

Dr. Susan Daran is a licensed dentist from Tuguegarao City.  She visited our office last week to claim her visa.

Her case was a special one because when we filed her application at Centralized Intake Office (CIO), her application was returned unprocessed due to incomplete documents. That's waht CIO claimed but the returned application package actually includes the documents they said were missing.

When we received the returned application, the cap for dentists was already filled so it is no longer an option to refile a new application.  Instead, we sent again her application package with a strongly worded letter demanding to have it processed.  Their clerical error should't ruin one's dream to have a better quality of life in Canada!

Fortunately, her application was accepted and processed.  She got a positive assessment and her files were forwarded to Manila Visa Office.  However, before a medical examination instruction was issued, her husband died and that means the 4 points from adaptability (Spouse's Education) will not be  credited and thus, she will not meet the 67 points pass mark.

To address this another hindrance, we wrote the Visa Office asking for consideration, for substituted evaluation.  We guided Dr. Daran to document justification why she should be given visa.  And now, Dr. Daran and her son will be moving to Canada anytime soon!

You don't need a consultant or a representative to process your immigrant visa application.  Bear in mind, however, that immigration is not a simple process. Small mistakes cause big problems.  Why take the risk?