February 12, 2013

Move from a LIFE OF EASE to a LIFE OF BLISS!

Why settle for less when you can have the BEST?

If you have the right education and work experience, you have earned the right for a better life... LIVE and WORK in CANADA!

There are several immigration programs that will pave the way for your permanent residence in Canada.  It will primarily depend on your education, training and experience:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program - for the skilled and professional workers
  • Provincial Nominee Program - You need a support from employer, relative or friend
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program - for the tradespeople like electricians, welder, etc
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program - special immigration program for the province of Quebec
These immigration programs change from time to time. It is important that if you are eligible, you immediately file your application.  

As a permanent resident in Canada, you and your family will be entitled to various social benefits such as free healthcare for the whole family and education for your kids; monthly allowance for your children below 18 years old; generous retirement benefits and great in come opportunity!

Find out how that is possible. Send your resume or click here for free online assessment.  You may also visit our office for orientation.