February 6, 2013

Refused Live-in Caregiver Application, Appealed and got an Interview Notice

Just got an SMS from a client  (Rwandan), who went to the interview this morning.  He is currently in the Philippines to study.

He is a Live-in Caregiver applicant.  His application was filed last year but we received a refusal letter after few months.  According to the letter, his application was refused because he doesn't have training and experience related to care giving.

That is of course not true.  He got NCII certificate from TESDA and actually finished 6 months training for Live-in Caregiver course.  While it is true that our client doesn't have paid work experience, the Live-in Caregiver program specifically states that in order to be eligible applicant must have training OR experience.

We appealed the decision and after few months, the visa office invited our client for a personal interview.   I personally prepared him for the interview and he made it!  Ok, no visa issued yet but he is almost there! The next challenge for him is to pass the SPEAK Test.

You see, you don't need a consultant to represent you for your application.  That is if you really know what you are doing.  We may not be able to guarantee approval, but we can surely help you increase chances of approval by avoiding unnecessary mistakes. 

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