April 28, 2013

March 2013 Visa Bulletin - This is it!

How serious are you in your plan to live and work in Canada to give your family a better quality of life?  Your answer to this question will determine the outcome of your dream to immigrate to Canada.  Canada's immigration regulation is so volatile that it changes from time to time.  Whenever the Immigration Minister feel there is a need to accept new applications and which occupations will be accepted, a simple Ministerial Instruction may bring opportunity for you.  That is if you are ready.

For quite a time now we've been telling you that if you are serious in your dream to give your family a better quality of life in Canada, you must be ready.  Most of you actually took up the challenge. It is understandable that most of you - specially the nurses applicants - were disappointed the recent development with the new Federal Skilled Worker program. Only 24 Eligible Occupations were identifed for the new FSW program. But it isn't the end of it.  There are options.

New FSW Program Released, Now What?
If your occupation is not included in the 24 eligible occupations, there are other immigration programs you may explore.  These options normally require a job offer, but if you have connections (friend or relative) in the Province of Manitoba, Provincial Nominee Program is ideal for you.  Please get in touch with your agent to discuss your options.

Nurses Needed in Quebec, Canada!
Under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration, Quebec establishes its own immigration requirements and selects immigrants who will adapt well to living in Quebec. The assessment and process is quite complicated than the usual Canada immigration programs.   To get a higher chance of approval, it would be best if you will be guided by a Registered Quebec Immigration Lawyers.

Quebec Skilled Worker program is wide open for nurses.  Please be informed, however, that on August 1, 2013, changes may also be implemented in QSW program. French language test may soon be made mandatory.  Take advantage of this opportunity!

Education Credential Assessment
The new Federal Skilled Worker program now requires an Education Credential Assessment to be done by designated organizations in Canada.  If you are planning to file an application this year, make sure that you are processing it now.  Citizenship and Immigration Canada will accept only a total of 5,000 applications with a sub cap of 300 per occupations. Don't waste time!

There are 4 designated organizations to do the assessment but we highly recommend that you do it with World Education Services - faster and simpler processing.  Please note that that Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only accept ECA reports issued after the date the organization was designated by CIC to provide ECA reports for immigration purposes (i.e. April 17, 2013). Some consulting firms advised their clients to process it months before the announcement. If you are one of those who did the same, the result is not valid.

For those preparing an application for filing in the future, you may process the assessment as early as now.  An ECA report will be valid for immigration purposes for 5 years from the date that it was issued by the designated organization.

Pre- February 27, 2008 Applicants
Just a brief update regarding the litigation questioning the constitutionality of the law closing the files of FSW applicants filed before February 27, 2008.  Although still subject for appeal at the Federal Court of Appeal, Justice Rennie upheld the closing of the affcted FSW files.  You may read the decision here and a related news article from the Vancouver Sun here.

Immigrant Medical Examination Expired, Still Waiting for Visa
There is quite a number of FSW applicants who are still waiting for visa and or passport request even after taking the Immigrant Medical Examination for more than 1 year already.  Please note that the visa validity is co-terminus with the medical examination result (1 year). Thus, please expect another medical examination request again - that is if there the Visa Officer is already finshed with the review.