April 27, 2013

WES Education Credentail Assessment Application Process

Among the Four Desigated Organizations for FSW Program Education Credential Assessment, World Education Services seems to have the simplest and fastest processing.

Here's to guide you with the WES Education Credentail Assessment Application Process.

UPDATE June 04, 2016: IF applying for immigration to Canada, please make sure you choose the ECA Package for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


1. Submit an online application to WES: http://www.wes.org/ca/fswp/.  Filling out the form is quite simple. 

2. You need to create an account using your email address and provide the information about your education and delivery address.

3. After completing the online form, click submit and you will be provided a reference number.  Use this reference number every time communicate with WES.  You also need this reference number in requesting your transcript of records from your school (college/university).

4. Submission of documents to WES:
  • By applicant    : photocopy of Diploma for all post-secondary education proof of name change (photocopy of marriage certificate)
  • By institution    : signed and sealed Transcript of Records
Documents must be sent to:

World Education Services
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

5. Pay the processing fee.  You may pay online using credit card, bank draft or wire transfer.  Best way is to pay online.  Click here for other payment options

Option 1
How to Pay by Cheque/Money Order
You have the option of paying the evaluation fee by cheque or money order. The payment must be in Canadian dollars, payable on a bank located in Canada, and made out to 'World Education Services'. Indicate your name and WES reference number on the cheque or money order. Payment must be received by WES before your evaluation can be activated. Send your cheque or money order to:

    World Education Services
    2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
    Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3
Option 2
How to Pay by Wire Transfer

To pay by wire transfer, please remit payment in Canadian dollars. Please include the following:
    First and Last (Family) name of the applicant
    WES reference number (provided upon completion of the online application)
    Supplemental $22.60 (includes HST) Canadian wire transfer fee

    Royal Bank of Canada
    200 Bay Street,
    Main Floor,
    Toronto, ON M5J 2J5
    Institution #: 003
    Transit #: 00002
    Account # : 1289362
Please add the $22.60 (includes HST) Canadian to the total amount owed. If the fee is not included, your account balance will not be settled in full which may delay the processing of your application.
After sending payment please email the wire transfer details to contactca@wes.org.
Considering the limited number of applications that Citizenship and Immigration Canada will accept this year, you must process your Education Credentials Assessment as soon as possible.  You have to make sure that your school sends your document without delay.  

For those not included in the priority list but are preparing in case their occupation is included in the next priority list, you may also want to consider processing your ECA as well.  Education Credential Assessment result is valid for 5 years.