October 16, 2013

Canada's Saskatchewan province needs more Pinoys

The labor agreement between Saskatchewan and the Philippine Governmnt was recentlt renewed.  This mean more Filipino workers will be needed in Saskatchewan.  This memorandum of agreement is expected to benefit Filipino migrants in Saskacthewan.

“If you talk to not only Saskatchewan employers, but (the) Saskatchewan community, they would all tell you that our communities are so much better for the immigration of great people from the Philippines,” added Wall, who signed the MOU with Philippine Labor undersecretary Danilo Cruz

The MOU renewed a labor agreement earlier inked by the Philippines and Saskatchewan. The country also has the same MOUs with British Columbia and Manitoba.

Cruz said the implementation of laws formed from this agreement can only be effective if both sides were in synergy.

He said the challenge faced by Filipino workers abroad “cannot be addressed through unilateral means.”

“We highly believe that countries of origin and destination have a shared responsibility to work together in addressing the issues affecting the management of regulation of migrant workers,” he said.

The highlights of the MOU include skills training and matching for working immigrants, increased transparency and equability of Saskatchewan immigration rules, and the protection of labor rights, which gives migrant workers the right to information regarding recruitment policies and how they may be protected.

Under the MOU, projects are set to be enacted to implement and sustain these measures. [GMA News Online]

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