April 7, 2014

Don't be a victim of a disappearing act: Choose your immigration representative carefully

Here's a reminder from Citizenship and Immigration Canada regarding immigration representatives.

We at Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp (PIA Corp) are sharing this video prepared by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as we are supporting this battle against immigration fraud.

To determine if the consultant you are dealing with is authorized representative, verify with ICCRC.  If they are not listed, they are not authorized.  Canadian Immigration Lawyers are also authorized representatives but they are not required to be registered with ICCRC. If the representative claims to be a lawyer, verify with Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

However, not all ICCRC Members and Canadian Immigration Lawyers are authorized to represent you for Quebec Immigration Applications.  Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés Culturelles (MICC) deals only with Authorized Quebec Immigration Representatives.