March 11, 2016

Anong klaseng OFW ka? You can be more 'wais' than Lumen

Anong klase ka ng OFW? This is a very good observation about the different types of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).  The idea is that one should not be an overseas contract worker forever.

It is consistent with the what we are saying about OFWs.

Klase ng OFW
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But we would like to expound on this.  There is a better alternative.  Yes, putting up a business while working abroad is a good thing.  But this will be problematic considering that running a traditional business will not guarantee you a return of investment the way you would want it to be. And assuming you made it work, will it give you the following benefits?:

  • Free health care for your family
  • Free education for your kids
  • Retirement income
There is short-term and long-term solution. Go for the long term.  Here's a better plan.

While working abroad as a contract worker, make an immigration plan and work on it.  Immigrate to Canada. If you do, you can earn in dollars without being separated with your family.  You can bring your family and you will be entitled to various social benefits.  

When you retire and with enough savings and retirement income, you can always go back to the Philippines and enjoy your remaining years like a boss.  

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You can be more 'wais' than Lumen.