March 10, 2016

Applying for a Visit Visa without letter of invitation

So you just want to Visit Canada for a short holiday.  You don't have a relative or a friend who may give you a letter of invitation and accommodation arrangements.  Cana you still apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa?
Hotel in Canada

For sure.  However, you really have to do a very good documentation.  Documenting your strong ties in the Philippines or in your home country is a given, regardless if you have an invitation or not.  What you need to really need to make sure you will submit is a detailed itinerary with supporting documents.

The most important part of your itinerary is your accommodation.  You need to show proof that you have hotel reservations booked on the dates of your declared intended travel schedule.

If you are planning to book a hotel in Canada, you may  try booking via Agoda.Com, it's a simple, and easy to navigate and there's a discount promo most of the time.  Our experience is that it's cheaper to book via Agoda than booking directly to the hotel.

For other questions about tourist visa application, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.