March 11, 2016

Montreal Bound

Ms. Pamela Mendez and her family will be moving to Canada very soon.  They recently received their Immigrant Visas via Quebec Skilled Worker Program.  Vivre O Canada Immigration, an immigration consulting firm based in Montreal represented them for the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
Montreal Bound

Like in applying for Canadian Visa, it is not required to hire an Immigration Lawyer/Consultant in applying for Quebec Selection Certificate.  However, if you decide to use the paid services of an individual, be very sure that you are dealing with a Quebec Authorized Representative.

Ms. Pam Mendez originally intended to apply for permanent residence in Canada visa the Federal Skilled Worker Program.  But she did not make it due to the changes in the regulations.  We then offered her the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Here's Ms. Pam's application timeline:
  • June 2013 - Application for CSQ Filed
  • November 2013 - File Number Received
  • March 2015 - Received notice from MIDI requiring updated documents
  • April 2015 - Submitted updated docs to MIDI
  • June 2015 - MIDI rejected the application but was immediately appealed by Vivre O Canada
  • July 2015 - CSQ received
  • August 2015 - PR Visa application sent to CIO
  • Nov 2015 - File Number received
  • Dec 2015 - Medical Examination 
  • Feb 2016 - Passport Request
  • March 2016 - Visa Issued
Lucky are the children whose parents make a long-term plan for their future.  It is not easy to immigrate and start anew.  But if the reason is love, it will be all worth it.

Her daughter will now be set for life and there will no more reason for her to fail.  Upon landing in Canada, she will be entitled to free health care and free education as well.  She will also receive monthly allowance from the government, among other benefits.

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Quebec is predominantly French speaking province. Under Canada-Quebec accord, the Province of Quebec was given autonomy to manage its own immigration program.  The best help you can get to process your Quebec Selection Certificate is someone who knows the province, some who knows the Quebec immigration rules and culture.  Someone like Vivre O Canada.