March 28, 2016

The Visa Officer Rejected Her Application. What she did next is clever!

Mrs Egpit was a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada for almost 8 years.  While in Canada, she tried to apply for permanent residence status but wasn't able to meet the requirement.  She then decided to go back the Philippines when the validity of her Work Permit expired.  Although she wasn't lucky to get a PR Status, she was fortunately able to help some of her children, relatives and friends get a permanent resident status.  She wanted to visit her family and friends in Canada.  But her application was rejected.

Like what we keep on saying, applying for visa does not require an Immigration Consultant/Lawyer.  They can't guarantee approval of your application.  All information about visa application is available free at  And that is what Mrs. Egpit did.

Visit Visa Refused

After receiving the refusal letter of her application, she asked around for help and somebody referred her to Canadian Immigration Consultancy - Alabang.  We reviewed her case and agreed to represent her on her new application.   We advised her of what documents are needed and made sure that all information, application forms and documents are in order before we submitted her application.  We included a cover letter stating the reasons why she is eligible for a Temporary Resident Visa.

Apply for Canadian Visa

She and her husband were fortunately granted a multiple-entry visit visa to Canada!  If you think you need help with your visa application, talk to us