April 10, 2016

Dual Intent Application - Permanent and Temporary Resident Visa Application

Ms. Marixie is applying for permanent residence in Canada under the Express Entry System.  She now has an active Express Entry Profile.  She also applied for Study Visa to boost her chance and to expedite the process.

Yes, you can apply for Study Visa even if you have an active Express Entry Profile.  Her Study Visa Application was approved.

This is a concern because in applying for temporary resident visa, you need to convince the Visa Officer of your intention to go back to your home country after the authorized period of stay.  but with a permanent resident visa application, that clearly shows your intention to stay in Canada permanently.  But under the rules, dual intent is acceptable. 

Dual Intent Canada Visa
Ms. Marixie De Guzman with Mr. Apol E. Apuntar
Studying in Canada may lead you to a having a permanent resident status.  But it is not a guarantee.  If you are planning to study in Canada with the end in view applying for permanent residence, do not just deal with Education Agents who are not authorized to provide advice regarding Canada Immigration.  

Avoid Education Trafficking.  Deal with authorized and experienced immigration consulting firm, like Canadian Immigration Consultancy.  

As International Student in Canada, you are allowed to work part-time.  After finishing your studies, provided you did it right, you may be allowed to stay in Canada for a period equivalent to length of your studies to work full time.  

You may also bring your spouse and kids.  Your spouse may work full time and your kids may study for free!

Studying in Canada may also make you eligible for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot and other Provincial Nominee Program.