April 3, 2016

From Abra to Canada

Ms. Annalyn Wacguisan will be moving to Canada very soon.  She was sponsored by husband who is a Canadian Citizen.

From Abra to Canada
Ms. Annalyn Wacguisan flanked by CIC Alabang Consultants 

If you are in a relationship or is engaged with a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and that you want to join your partner in Canada, there is no fiancĂ© visa.  You need to get married first and you must be sponsored under the Family Class Sponsorship program for you to immigrate to Canada.  Please note, however, that marriage per se is not a guarantee that you will be issued visa.  You need to convince the Visa Officer that you have a genuine relationship.

If you are in a same-sex relationship and marriage is not possible, you may be sponsored as a conjugal partner.