On Tattoo and Medical Examination

Is having a tattoo a problem in Medical Examination?  Will it cause medical inadmissibility?  These are common questions from applicants with tattoo.

The answer is no.  But it will sure cause you additional expenses for the laboratory (blood) test for Hepatitis.  I haven't heard yet of an applicant whose application was refused due to medical inadmissibility just because of having a tattoo.

And speaking of tattoo, our very own legendary tattoo artist, Whang-od, is featured in International Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Royal Ontario Museum Exhibit featuring Whang-od

Whang-od Oggay is a Filipina tattoo artist from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines. She is considered as the last mambabatok from the Butbut Kalinga people and the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines.  There is a move to make her a National Artist.

The Royal Ontario Museum Exhibit featuring Whang-od will run until September 5, 2016.


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