The difference between Success and failure is not giving up

Mrs. Mary Grace Maglantay, an Engineer by profession, applied under the Federal Skilled Worker Program as a Construction Supervisor.  Her application was filed early 2012.  Her Visa was issued just recently, after more than four years of waiting.   But not only did she wait for a long period, her application went through several challenges and was almost rejected by the Visa Office.

The difference between Success and failure is not giving up
Sir Neil Maglantay and Mam Mary Grace Maglantay with Mr. Apol Apuntar

Mr and Mrs Maglantay almost lost their hope that they will be issued a Permanent Resident Visa.  That's because after paying the Right of Permanent Resident Fee and undergoing medical examination, they received an interview notice instead of a passport submission request for visa stamping.

She went to the Visa Office for interview.  She was told that she will receive a notice for the result of interview.  Few months after the interview, she received a letter from the Visa Office asking her to submit additional documentation and reason why her application should not be refused based on the issues raised by the Visa Officer.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy (CIC) prepared her for the interview and guided her on how to properly document and answer the issues raised by the officer.  And it's no surprise that they are very thankful for the services we rendered.

The difference between Success and failure is not giving up

Like what we always tell those who visit our office or contact us to inquire about Canada Visa Application, it is not mandatory to hire the services of Immigration Lawyer/Consultant.  But it sure will make a huge difference, you will be guided.

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