June 4, 2016

Why pay for a quality education when you can have it for free?

In the Philippines, parents invest in education for their children’s future. Every year the parents have to budget for the tuition fee. Even sacrificing their personal needs to be able to meet the school fees.

Can you afford the quality education that you are looking for? 
Based on our experience, the majority of the middle class family cannot afford exclusive schools, they have no choice but to settle for non-exclusive schools. This lowers the standard that you are aiming for.

What choice do you have?

You still have the same problem of meeting the payments for the tuition fees. This is the same dilemma that our successful clients went through before they experienced the best SOLUTION  for their children’s education. 

The answer is: FREE QUALITY EDUCATION in Canada.

Education in Canada is absolutely free from kindergarten to Grade 12.  University education is not free but there many government programs to avail of for those who want to pursue university education.  These programs vary from one province to another.  There's student loan, grants, bursary and scholarship programs.  It is for this reason that Canada has one of the highest literacy rate in the world.  

Why pay for a quality education when you can have it for free?

Aside from free education, children below 18 years receive monthly allowance from the government ranging from CAD 300 to CAD 500 depending on their age, parent's income and specific province you are settled.

We in CIC feel that you need to know these facts so that you will be guided properly. Your decision will affect your present situation and your families future.  All you have to do is use your options. Which is utilizing your education and work experience to apply for independent immigrant visa to Canada.    

Why continue to pay tuition fees, When you now have these options?

Why settle for second best when you can have the best?

You will never regret applying for Immigrant Visa.

Contact us now. We are ready to help you.