July 27, 2016

Planning to Study, Work and Live in Canada? Let an expert help you!

When you’re sick, you go to a doctor. You see a dentist when you have problem with your teeth.  You hire a mechanic for your car troubles. You want to live and work in Canada but don't have an idea where to start?  You have a couple of options.

Visit http://cic.gc.ca to get all the information for free and do-it-yourself.   Or get an expert to help you. Like what Ms. Danna May Rodriguez did.  

Ms. Danna May Rodriguez
Ms. Danna May Rodriguez and family with Mr. Apol Apuntar

Ms. Danna contacted Canadian Immigration Consultancy and inquire about her options if she wants to immigrate to Canada with her family.  She already knew then how great the benefits of being a permanent resident of Canada, being one of the best place to live in.

We explained to her how Express Entry System works.  Ms. Danna, a Registered Nurse with several years of experience is eligible under the Federal Skilled Workers Program.  She understood that there is no definite timeline as to when she will get the chance to enter Canada under the Express Entry System but decided just the same to give it a shot.  That’s because she also understood that if you are serious about migrating to Canada, you have to start somewhere and you must be ready.  Immigration rules change and your goal should be to be in a position to immediately grab an opportunity when a new program favorable to you suddenly presented itself.  Prudence, determination and timely decision are the keys.  And of course, the motivation to give your family a better quality of life.

Ms. Danna asked about options on how to expedite the process.  Under the Express Entry System, priority is being given to those with Canadian Education Credentials, Canadian work experience and a job offer.  And you can have all that via the Study Visa Program.  But she doesn’t want to leave alone to study. If she leaves, she wants to bring her husband and son. 

The good thing about Canada’s Study Visa Program is you may bring your family with you.  Your spouse may work full time with an open work permit and your dependent child may study for FREE!

Ms. Danna will be moving to Canada with her family next month, as her class will start in September.  But the partnership between Canadian Immigration Consultancy and Ms. Danna is not yet over.  We will continue to assist her until she and her family get the permanent resident status.  We can and will assist them even if they are in Canada already.

So wether you are in Canada with a temporary status or outside Canada planning to live and work in Canada, Canadian Immigration Consultancy can assist you.  We can help you. But we can only make it happen if you are also willing to help yourself.

Please note that studying in Canada is not a guarantee that you will get a permanent resident status.  And this is why it is important that you get help from an expert. 

Contact us and let’s talk about your plan.  You can bank on Canadian Immigration Consultancy’s over 20 years of experience.