August 15, 2016

Change is Coming, Get Ready!

Canada's Immigration Minister, John McCallum, wants to increase immigration intake to fill Canada's labor needs!  To do this, he is planning to introduce reforms in Canada's Immigration Regulations to reduce barriers and to attract more immigrants!

If you have a plan to live and work in Canada, You Must Read This!

In this CBCNews article, the Immigration Minister was also quoted as saying that it will be made easier for International Students to become a permanent resident of Canada.
"So we're going to make it easier for international students, we're going to reduce some of the barriers in our immigration system … we don't think that every immigrant needs to go through what we call a labour market impact assessment process. We think it can be simplified. We think there are some rules which are no longer necessary," McCallum said.
What's in it for you?

First, let's start with the obvious.  Canada can't close it's immigration door. Canada needs more people and they are improving the regulations to attract more immigrants! However, there's also a quota in the number of applications to be accepted and this has always been the case.  It is in this context that you must be read as early as now.

You must be ready to enter when the door opens.  You must get your documents now and be in a position to submit your application whenever an opportunity presented itself.  If you will start getting ready only when a more relaxed immigration rules were introduced, the program may have been close before you even complete your documents.

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