August 6, 2016

Montreal Bound: Sir Patrick Jorell Perico

Sir Patrick Jorell Perico, a Registered Nurse, will be moving to Canada soon.  His permanent resident visa, under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, was recently issued by Canadian Visa Office in Manila.

The whole process took about 3 years from Quebec Selection Certificate to application for permanent resident visa.  This successful application wouldn't be possible without the help from Vivre  O Canada Immigration.

Montreal Bound: Sir Patrick Jorell Perico

It is not mandatory to hire the services of an Immigration Lawyer/Consultant.  But if you're hiring the services of a consultant/lawyer to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate, be sure they are authorized to represent you.  Immigration is not a simple process, small mistakes may cause big problem.

Applying for PR Visa to Canada requires patience.  And if you want your application to be successful, you must cooperate with the Immigration Consultant you hired to help you.  And that is what Mr. Perico did.   He immediately comply to everything that is being required and suggested for him to do in order to increase his chances.  As a result, his application was approved without interview.

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